Nosler, Inc. the world’s leading manufacturer of the finest grade hunting bullets has announced a new .30 caliber, 125 grain AccuBond. Designed to provide .30 caliber cartridges with limited case capacity such as the 300 AAC Blackout, 308 Winchester, 30 AR, 308 Marlin Express and 30 TC the option of a bonded core bullet, the .30 125gr AccuBond is ideal for a wide range of large and small game. With the increased popularity and hunting use of these cartridges, Nosler felt it was important to manufacture a bonded, light-for-caliber hunting bullet that provides precise accuracy and deadly terminal performance.

As with all of Nosler’s AccuBond bullets, the new addition delivers controlled expansion and penetration with outstanding weight retention at all normal hunting velocities and ranges. The tapered, highly concentric bullet jacket is constructed from gilding metal to minimize barrel fouling. All Nosler AccuBond bullets feature distinctive white polymer tips that prevent deformation in the magazine, boost aerodynamic efficiency, and initiate expansion. The AccuBond also features a well-defined boat tail that serves to reduce drag and provide a more efficient flight profile for higher retained energy.

Image courtesy Nosler

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