Michael Clay is the webmaster and creator of the World Hunting Club.

The World Hunting Club is an online network for hunters,” Clay explains. We’ve tried to design it similar to Facebook and make it a fun place for hunters to gather, seek and give information, show pictures of their trophies and communicate with each other. The page also has links to outfitters and guides and can take you straight to their webpages to find someone who can tell you about hunting in their area.” This website was created to help beginning hunters learn more about how to hunt and where to hunt, as well as provide information for seasoned veterans to give them tips and tactics on where to find more game, how to locate trophy animals and what strategies to use to take that animal of a lifetime.

To incentivize hunters to come to this webpage and to participate in it, Clay reports, “We try to give away CVA rifles as often as we can. When I first started hunting with a muzzleloader, a good friend of mine, Chad Schearer, gave me a CVA muzzleloading rifle. I got accustomed to the Quick-Release Breech Plug, especially since I didn’t like to carry tools in the woods with me or have to find tools at camp when I need to remove a breech plug. Another feature of CVA guns that was extremely helpful to me when I first started hunting with a muzzleloader was the customer-support phone number. Any time I had a question about my CVA rifle or hunting with a CVA rifle, the company had experienced people I could contact to help me. I personally believe in the CVA products, and more importantly I’ve appreciated the help the company has provided to me after I’ve had my rifle.

If you would like the chance to win a CVA Optima muzzleloader and free 4 day guided hunt click on the following link. The World Hunting Club Optima/Hunt Give-a-way.

“When we started the World Hunting Club, I posted a note on social media that after we received our first 100 members we would give away a CVA blackpowder rifle. After that drawing, we posted a note saying after we got 250 members, we would give away another CVA rife. When we reached the 500 mark, we would give away another and a fourth gun when we reached the 1,000 mark. We were expecting we’d need at least a few months to get to those numbers. However, we gave away two guns within a week, after going from 15 members to 250 verified members, which means they are hunters who have joined the club and sent us their email addresses. We had almost 600 people sign-up who weren’t verified. Our initial launch of www.worldhuntingclub.com was a fantastic success, and I really believe that the CVA rifle giveaway was a major contributor to that success. I think people came to our site to register for the giveaway for the CVA rifle, saw our site, liked the site and decided to join.”

One of the unique features about this site and this club is they have a rating system that allows you as a hunter to chart your progress as you gain more experience hunting in different places and taking various animals. The club has a point system that enables you to follow and track all of your hunting activities. One of the big features that continues to gain in popularity is that hunters can upload not only the pictures of themselves with the animals they take, the friends they hunt with and/or unique live animals, but they also can upload videos to the forum. The World Hunting Club also has experts in many areas of hunting who can answer your questions about hunting. Another feature is that you can ask the questions anonymously and get the answers that you may be embarrassed to get from someone who knows you. For example, why should you try to hunt and call a wild turkey from above the turkey, instead of from below the turkey, may be a question a hunter has but doesn’t want to ask of anyone he knows.

“We try to have information for individuals of all levels of hunting experience from the beginner to the pro,” Clay emphasizes. And, the good news is joining the World Hunting Club doesn’t cost anything. All you have to do is go to www.worldhuntingclub.com, and sign-up to become a member. Non-hunters, would-be hunters and first-time hunters are more than welcome to join too. Let’s face it, if you don’t know anything about hunting, and you don’t have a friend or a relative to mentor you, hunting can be as challenging as brain surgery. This new website can be a major tool in helping you learn more about how to hunt, where to hunt, what equipment to use for hunting and which  tactics most often result in a successful hunt. Check out www.worldhuntingclub.com.

Images courtesy CVA/World Hunting Club

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