The phrase ‘eating crow’ is about to enact a literal meaning as Scott Leysath is going to change a popular myth about the black-flying scavenger.  Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor television for the American Sportsman, is taking viewers to the Deep South for an unforgettable journey of Dead Meat.  Leysath and his friends will give viewers an ‘A to Z’ education on harvesting and preparing crow for consumption in Georgia and South Carolina. Tune in for an epic hunting and culinary adventure with Dead Meat on Sunday, February 10 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Crow’s are typically associated with death, scavenging, bad luck and leaving a foul taste in your mouth when eaten. Leysath’s first stop is Milledgeville, GA where he and his fellow hunters set up their blinds for a successful crow hunt that yields forty birds. Cleaning out a crow does not include the usual steps of most birds and Leysath is happy to diagram the basics of preparing the bird for consumption.  After consuming the crow, Leysath travels to South Carolina to the Charleston Bay Gourmet restaurant to seek out the advice from another chef on preparing a crow for a different flavor.

“I must admit, after trying the crow with breadcrumbs in Georgia, it was fairly neutral in taste and a little chewy,” said Scott Leysath, Host of Dead Meat. “When my friends in South Carolina got their hands on the meat, they add their own twist and let a few customers sample the meat which garners more than a few interesting expressions.”

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Image courtesy Sportsman Channel

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