Jim and Trav are trolling for some cool new outdoor merch and their pockets are lined with paper, coin and lint! So saddle up because on today’s Revolution the boys will be shoppers of mass destruction as they count down their top five picks for coolest outdoor gear found at this year’s SHOT SHOW! It’s all happening on this week’s Revolution with Jim and Trav on Outdoor Trails Network.

RAM Trucks – Although Super Bowl weekend may be behind us, there is still plenty of buzz, but it’s not about the game. Instead people are talking about the RAM Trucks “Farmer” commercial. RAM has left an impression this year which is evident in the awards they’ve received from the 2013 Motor Trend Truck of the Year, to the North American Truck of the Year, the Official Truck of Texas and more! Fred Diaz, RAM Trucks President and CEO talks with the boys this week about RAM awards, the now famous Super Bowl commercial and other big things to come from RAM this year!

Hi Mountain Seasonings – With most hunting seasons winding down, now is the perfect time to start cooking up some of the game you’ve harvested this winter. Hi Mountain Seasonings’ Hans Hummel joins Jim and Trav to talk about some new products to aid you like their “Italian Herb,” “Hunter’s Blend Summer Sausage” and “Spicy Apple Maple Sausage.” He also let us in on their “Buy 2 Get One Free” Jerky Kit offer!

Primos – Boss Dogg – Primos will release a new predator call this year called the Boss Dogg. It comes pre-programmed with 100 sounds and 150 watts of power through three speakers with three amplifiers producing high quality sound at great distance. Primos’ Justin Harris talks about the Boss Dogg and its multipurpose uses from calling in predators to an outdoor boom box. Tune in this week for more!

MOJO Shake-n-Jake – This week Preston Pittman introduces the Mojo Shake-n-Jake motorized turkey decoy from the Preston Pittman Signature Series. This first ever full body, full motion turkey decoy rotates 180 degrees and as the decoy spins the tail fan fully opens then completely closes as it rotates. Get more details about the Mojo Shake-n-Jake this week!

Beavertail -Final Attack – Beavertail Products wants to get you to where the birds are with stealth and they’re using their Final Attack sneak boat to do it! The versatile sneak boat has a low profile, plenty of room and the ability to take up to a 2 HP outboard motor. It can also be fitted with a removable pit cover making it an excellent blind. Rick Alsen from Beavertail lays out the details this week!

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Image courtesy Outdoor Trails Network

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