At the recent NASGW Show, in Orlando, FL, Australian Outback Ammunition made their debut appearance into the U.S. market. This venerable Australian company will be exporting to the U.S. a premium line of ammunition which is a marked, revolutionary technological advancement in modern manufactured cartridge development. This exciting, new development has been named “Ballistic Temperature Independence (BTI).”

The secret to Ballistic Temperature Independence, or BTI, is in the proprietary powder charge. This assures consistent high velocity and ultra-reliability across extreme temperature ranges. As the Australian Outback engineers like to say, “Extreme performance-whatever the weather.” From -20º to 120º F., point of impact of the bullet will vary little. This is an astounding solution to a problem that has plagued cartridge manufacture since the inception of pre-loaded ammunition.

Outback hasn’t stopped there. That incredible, proprietary powder is charge is topped the best Swift and Sierra bullets. Brass cases and primers are the finest available world-wide.

Initially, two loads of .223 Rem. and three loads of .308 Win. will be brought into the country. Other calibers, all with the remarkable advantage of Ballistic Temperature Independence, will be added at a later date.

This line of premium Australian Outback Ammunition will be imported exclusively by DKG Trading, Inc. Located in southern Illinois, DKG Trading has long-standing, excellent reputation for scouring the world for quality product that is of interest to the American shooter. They are currently importing metallic munitions, shotshells, and various accessories.

Image courtesy Australian Outback Ammunition

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