ASG Global Training Services, a division of American Security Group, LLC (ASG) and PACE Survival have partnered to deliver training to maximize survival chances in an ongoing active shooter emergency. The training program, Active Shooter: Do You Have a Plan?, is open to individuals and groups interested in developing a plan minimize casualties and maximize survival.

Too many communities and organizations have relied on the mistaken belief that an active shooter situation could or would never happen to them. Unfortunately events have revealed three deadly facts:

  1. Active shooter emergencies can and do happen anywhere;
  2. Victims of active shooter emergencies had no plan or training in how to increase the odds of surviving such events; and
  3. Those responsible for ensuring the well being of others did not have comprehensive and professional training in maximizing the survival of others.

The addition of the Active Shooter: Do You Have a Plan? to ASG’s already extensive security and safety training curriculum is a significant and new contribution to overall community safety. ASG is licensed by Virginia’s Department of Criminal Justice Services as a security business and security training provider.

For additional information about the Active Shooter: Do You Have a Plan? Please contact John Hall, ASG President, at 804.355.2000 extension 108 or jhall@teamasg.com

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