Southwick Associates is providing its outdoor media partners with no-cost information on fishing, hunting and shooting participation and trends. Every two months, media firms who link their websites or social media to Southwick Associates’ online surveys, or mention these surveys in print or broadcast media, receive details regarding recent national and regional trends in outdoor participation, purchases, media usage and more.

These reports are designed to help media companies understand the latest trends, obtain material for articles and programs, plus identify advertising opportunities.  To produce thorough market information, the surveys need to constantly draw in more sportsmen and women to participate. When the media sites link their public websites to the survey websites, we reciprocate with up-to-date information to help them in their business.

There is no cost for media professionals to partner with Southwick Associates. Southwick Associates provides links to the , or  to partnering media companies. Once the sites are linked, every two months Southwick Associates will provide its Media Partner Report free of charge.

The Media Partner Report presents summarized results of its, and market research services. These surveys, conducted multiple times each year, are used to help outdoor advocates protect and enhance hunting, shooting and fishing in the U.S. while private firms use the results to better serve sportsmen and women. Each year, thousands of dollars in outdoor gift certificates are awarded to hunters, anglers and shooters who participate in each survey, while their contact information remains fully confidential. Results are weighted each month to reduce biases common to all surveys.

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