This Week in Guns features a panel of hosts from the Firearms Radio Network including Zack Carlson, Mike Emert, Zeke Stout and Jake Challand. They start off this week’s show with a sobering interview from Neil, an Australian gun owner and gun rights advocate. Neil discusses what triggered Australia’s gun grab and how it happened so quickly. While talking with Neil it becomes apparent that some of the same “ram it down your throat”  style tactics are being used here in America as well. The roundtable discussion also asked Neil questions such as “why didn’t the protests work” and “what kind of fallout did elected officials experience afterward.” Neil also describes the current restrictions and the lengthy process that Australians now have to go through just to acquire a gun.

In addition to discussing parallels in the Australian gun control movement and the USAs, the hosts also covered some of the latest news and politics. The panel of hosts talked about Obama’s gun control speech on location in Chicago and how ironic that was. They also pondered why the streets of Chicago keep becoming more and more violent even though they have some of the strictest gun laws. Listen to the entire episode at or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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