In a fight for your life, high-capacity semi-autos and high-priced 1911s will only impact the outcome if you have received the proper training to prepare for such an encounter. Mindset, awareness and preparation are critical factors in determining whether or not the threat can be neutralized. The Spring/Summer 2013 American Handgunner Personal Defense Special Edition offers a sound foundation for readers to use as a benchmark when evaluating their personal defense options.

“The old adage ‘cops are minutes away when seconds count’ is even more true today with the extensive LE budget cuts we’ve seen,” says Publisher Roy Huntington. “Therefore, it is critical for everyone, everywhere to actively learn to be safe by using the right tools and getting some training. This is where Personal Defense steps in — to assist readers who are serious about defending themselves and others.”

The Taurus Public Defender, a recently introduced compact version of the popular Judge, represents the consummate personal defense handgun due to its versatility in using .410 shotshells and .45 Colt pistol rounds, giving this 5-shot revolver the ability to deliver a big defense from a “small” package.

“The Public Defender should not only be viewed through a personal defense lens in terms of encounters with other people,” claims Contributing Editor Todd Burgreen. “The key to the entire .410/.45 Colt revolver genre is its versatility in allowing someone to successfully navigate a myriad of scenarios like hiking, camping and survival situations.”

One important facet of personal defense is personal preparedness, and lasers serve a variety of purposes in teaching the mechanics of proper shooting. In “The Logic Of Lasers,” Contributing Editor Michael Janich evaluates the many advantages of lasers when it comes to training for personal defense.

“As a vivid visual indicator of where your muzzle is really pointing, a laser is an excellent tool for learning and refining proper gun-handling skills,” claims Janich. “Whether you employ them in training, on the street, or both, lasers offer many advantages that can significantly enhance your shooting skills.”

This American Handgunner Special Edition primes readers for personal defense with other engaging features as it includes helpful tips on carrying defensive folding knives, debunks the myths surrounding home-defense shotguns, offers practical airsoft and airgun training applications and enters the debate on whether or not gun-mounted lights for civilians are really beneficial for everyone.

Personal Defense looks to further equip readers by offering the first-ever Gun Giveaway for a Special Edition. Valued at over $900, this prize bundle includes the compact Kel-Tec PF-9, a pair of 3.78″ Gerber Knives, the 180-lumen Bayco TAC-300, a DeSantis Pocket-Tuk Holster and the Ravelin Group Academy Pad. Readers can enter for a free chance to win this giveaway by visiting

The comprehensive 2013 Buyer’s Guide is also included in this American Handgunner Special Edition. Brimming with 96 pages full of all types of handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, lights and lasers, this catalog represents a one-stop resource for readers interested in learning more about leading personal defense gear.

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