With today’s newest camera and smartphone technologies, the everyday hunter is presented with a much easier and more affordable way to record video of a hunt. But holding the camera or smartphone in just the right place to get the best video is still a big challenge. Thanks to Smokin Rack Products, this problem is solved with its Flex Cam flexible holder.

The Flex Cam is a multipurpose, flexible holder that can hold just about any device, including a cellphone/smartphone, compact camcorder, digital camera or even a rangefinder. It has a flexible arm that can be bent into any position needed for filming the hunt, while staying out of your way. The arm can be adjusted easily with one hand, so you can focus on hunting.

But what makes the Flex Cam unique is that with the included hardware, two sets each of bands and grippers and a shotgun adapter, it can be mounted onto any rifle, shotgun or bow in seconds. This ensures you get the perfect angle to film every second of your hunt, and since it weighs less than 7 ounces, you might not even realize it’s there. Forget paying a cameraman, or for expensive adapters for every piece of filming equipment you own. Just attach any device to your weapon and shoot.

Since you can use your smartphone with the Flex Cam, now you can instantly upload the footage from your hunt onto YouTube or Facebook, and email, or send via video message, your family and friends before you even leave the field. Let them enjoy your hunt with you without having to wait until you get to a computer.

A Flex Cam Universal Mounting Bracket is also available to go with the Flex Cam, making the mounting capabilities endless. With the Mounting Bracket you can attach the Flex Cam to a tree or treestand, or anything nearby, putting the Flex Cam completely out of your way, but still at the perfect angle for your device to film your hunt.

Why pay for device-specific adapters when the Flex Cam will fit any recording device you want to use and you can adjust it for any angle needed? Getting out in the field and hunting is your goal, not fiddling with multiple devices and adapters. The Flex Cam makes it easy to take any camera, camcorder or smartphone with you to film your hunt. Be sure to take one

Image courtesy Source Outdoor Group

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