Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Double Vision

Randy Oitker recreates the shot that made him famous. Two arrows, two targets, one shot. But can Randy be a “ringer’? Plus a rare look at Randy’s shooting technique. How the young phenom pulls off multiple arrow shots. And one of many tributes to our departed friend, the late Bob Munden.

Shooting USA – End of Trail 2012

Cowboy Action Shooting is the idea that turned into a world-wide success, celebrating history with the guns of the old West. 30 years later, we’re at End of Trail, the World Championship. It’s part Hollywood and part Real History relived for a week in New Mexico. Plus, The Industry Masters at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Kentucky. And the one-war-gun, the Scandinavian designed Krag Jorgensen, that’s now one of History’s Guns. More Info…

Wednesday on Outdoor Channel 

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The Travel Schedule:

As you are reading this message, Trevor Baucom, John, Mike Irvine and I are in the air, flying to Springfield, MA to shoot the IDPA Indoor Nationals – Shooting with Guns and Shooting Video. The big question, can we find the S&W Ranges behind the mountains of piled snow from last week’s big storm?

Podcasts from IDPA Indoor Nationals:

John’s packing the Podcasting gear for the trip to Springfield. He’ll be posting daily updates with the top competitors and with Joyce Wilson on the plans for IDPA events this season. You’ll find the links at when the next series of podcasts go up from the S&W Ranges.

Image courtesy Shooting USA

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