Nearly every business has a Facebook page in the outdoor industry–from small mom and pop shops selling product out of their garage to some of the largest global manufacturers raking in multi-millions. Yet, 90 percent of those businesses are utilizing social media in their marketing strategies as well as a submarine utilizes a screen door.

Maxima Media, the outdoor industry’s most influential social and digital marketing agency, calls out the “not so good, bad, and just plain ugly” of what businesses are doing to fall short of their social media marketing goals.

Social media marketing to outdoor enthusiasts and the hunting public is your business’s opportunity to run polls, ask questions, collect consumer data, share secrets, do a video message, and so much more. There are far too many pages that throw up a quick announcement and don’t show up for another week.  A Facebook page is not an announcement bulletin board.

I love when I browse through different business pages and notice unanswered questions from fans. Wow, this makes me want to go crazy! You have fans and essentially customers leaving you “typed gold” and you aren’t taking the time to respond? You’d be better of lighting up a handful of greenbacks and whipping them into the fireplace. When I see things like that, it gives me a great indication of the level of caring a company has about its customers. As a customer, I am much more likely to come back to a fan page if the company isn’t a “robot” and actually does respond to my questions or concerns.

Consider Facebook the new Main Street at our fingertips. How does a brick and mortar store pull in eyeballs? They must look flashy, modern, and professional to compete with surrounding competition. Your Facebook business page is no different. Don’t be afraid to get a custom facelift and some plastic surgery through new designs, cover photos, and apps.

The moral of this article is quite simple. “CARE.” Care about the people that are taking the time out of their day to visit your business on Facebook. Treat them in the same way as if they were strolling down Main Street and came into your store.

The real question is this: does your Facebook page represent your business in the right manner?

In most cases the answer is a humbling “no.” Luckily there are agencies like Maxima Media who exist to save your company’s face and put the time and effort into your “interactive online shop” that you can be proud of.

Brandon Wikman ( is an industry expert in Online and Digital Media Communications for today’s outdoor brands. He’s the CEO of Maxima Media, a new age marketing agency and creators of the Hyper-Communication Network. For more information on Maxima Media call 612.5.MAXIMA or email

Image courtesy Brandon Wikman

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