Jim and Trav are setting out on their annual shed hunting pilgrimage, but before they go they’re consulting some pro’s. On this week’s Revolution: why deer shed their antlers early, training a shed hunting dog, shed hunting for EHD infected deer and how retrieved sheds can predict this coming season’s “Buckcast”. Only on The Revolution with Jim & Trav, tune in this week!

GrowingDeer.TV – Dr. Grant Woods

Shed hunting is an annual practice for Dr. Grant Woods and his crew at The Proving Grounds. They’ve taken to the woods once again this year, but in addition to finding sheds they’re also uncovering antlers attached to the skulls of EHD stricken deer. This week Dr. Grant Woods with GrowingDeer.tv weighs in on shed hunting, the outbreak of EHD this year, how it has affected herds and more!

Bucks of Tecomate – David Morris

Shed hunting can be a great tool to assess the herd of deer on your property. By recovering sheds you can look at the age of the herd, the health and even see what is waiting in the wings for next season. While shed hunting can paint a good picture, David Morris of Tecomate Wildlife Systems says sheds don’t tell the whole story and that bucks can grow exponentially from one year to the next!

Why Deer Shed Antlers Early – Dr. David Samuel

When do deer drop their antlers and why? If you are a shed hunter it can be helpful to know that different deer drop their antlers at different times, depending on a number of factors. Dr. David Samuel is a whitetail expert and he’ll join the boys this week to explain what causes some deer to shed their antlers early.

Frost Seeding – Kips Adams – QDMA

For the people who live and breathe deer hunting year round, they know that good nutrition is vital to growing big and healthy deer. While many people will be planting food plots later this spring, you don’t have to wait you can start now! Kip Adams with the Quality Deer Management Association details a frost seeding approach.

Dog Bone – Jeremy Moore

DogBone is the leader in shed dog training tools and systems as well as the creator of the wildly popular DogBone training system! The week creator of Dog Bone, Jeremy Moore, talks with Jim and Trav about the necessary tools to train your dog to become a successful shed hunting dog. In addition to providing shed hunting retriever training kits and tools Jeremy Moore also talks about the workshops he leads for hands on learning. Find out more this week on The Revolution!


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