Kowa has been recognized as an industry leader for its high-performance binoculars for many years, and for good reason. Kowa’s current lineup of binoculars, which unites the most advanced optical technology with high-quality materials, certainly stands up to the tried-and-true Kowa name, and offers something for every outdoorsman or woman.

The Genesis Series binoculars use Prominar lenses – the highest quality lens. Four XD lenses are paired with convex glass lenses that have special dispersion qualities. This pairing creates a brighter image with ultimate color quality. To top it off, a high-refractive roof prism is included, as well as Kowa’s C3 coating, which offers a reflectance of 99 percent or higher across the entire visible spectrum, creating an unmatched viewing experience. Any hunter, in any weather or light conditions, will have the advantage in the field with these binoculars.

BD25 Series binoculars

The BD Series binoculars offer a wide field of view in a compact size. Advanced optical technology provides 8X or 10X magnification in the three high-powered models. Kowa C3 coating is also incorporated in the BD Series, as well as an inner focusing mechanism, creating an easy-to-use, high-quality set of binoculars with superb optical performance. The housing is lightweight and the lenses are filled with dry nitrogen gas, which prevents fogging, making the BD Series a must-have on any hunt or outdoor excursion.

The SV Series binoculars has phase-coated roof prisms and multicoated lenses to create a sharp, clear image, even at dawn or dusk when animals are most active. The lightweight and easy-to-grip rubber armor makes these the perfect binoculars to hold for extended periods in the field. Three models are available. These are an excellent addition to any hunt, especially in poor weather conditions.

The YF Series binoculars are extremely cost efficient, but yet provide superior optical performance in a compact size. All of the lenses and prisms on these binoculars are fully multicoated, minimizing loss of light and creating sharper, brighter images. The lightweight body is easy to carry and comfortable to hold for extended times of viewing.

BD32 Series binoculars For the extreme viewing experience, the High Lander Series is offered. It’s almost a spotting scope, but in a binocular form. With a Prominar fluorite crystal objective lens, viewing capabilities are taken to a whole new level. All lenses and prisms are fully multicoated to offer the sharpest, brightest images possible. The High Lander Series has a lightweight, yet strong aluminum body for extensive use in the field. For those hunts that require an advanced optical performance, this binocular is the clear answer.

For any situation in the field – any weather conditions, or for any type of game – there is a set of Kowa binoculars for the occasion. Kowa has produced some of the most technologically advanced binoculars with superior viewing capabilities that will not let you down on your next hunt.

Image courtesy Kowa

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