Fulcrum Composites Inc announces the launch of Akando ‘Crumple Camo’. Akando is the simplest and most versatile way to create a temporary blind. Akando consists of a camo cloth face sheet combined with a reflective foil backer. The combination produce a sheet that is flexible enough to bend and fold into any shape and rigid enough to remain there. Akando can be used to create a ground blind by wrapping its edges around scrub or branches or wrapping around a tree stand to disguise it. You can even just wrap it around yourself and become your own blind. The crumples that form as it is bent to shape ensure a natural shape with no straight edges or angled corners.

It takes only seconds to set up and after the hunt can be retrieved, rolled up and used again many times.

As an added bonus it is wind-proof and the interior reflective surface helps retain body heat. Akando is available in 4’x4’ sheets and 4’ x 8’ sheets in several camo designs with more to be added based on demand.

Akando Crumple Camo was launched at the Michigan Deer & Turkey Expo (22nd-24th Feb, Lansing, MI) with an excellent reception.

Akando Crumple Camo is proudly manufactured in Midland, MI, USA

Image courtesy Fulcrom Composites

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