You hear a sound outside. Someone is on your property looking into your home. You grab your weapon and go outside to solve the problem…. or does the problem solve you?

Air times on Outdoor Channel: 02-27-13 at 12:00PM | 02-27-13 at 11:30PM | 01-28-13 at 3:30AM | 03-01-13 at 10:00PM, all times Eastern.


On Shooting Gallery: Philippines and Armscor

In this episode, we travel half way around the globe to the Philippines and Armscor, a preeminent player in the 1911 world and now an innovator with exciting new shooting platforms. Gia Mantegna shoots our Celebrity Challenge.

Airtimes on Outdoor Channel: 02-27-13 at 4:00PM | 02-27-13 at 10:30PM. All times Eastern.


On Elite Tactical Unit: Hotwire

This week on Elite Tactical Unit, the four remaining operators are dealing with an individual called the “dirty bomber” who has placed a large amount of explosives in a downtown parking garage. He has also taken a hostage. Mission is to rescue the hostage and get out.

Airtimes on Outdoor Channel: 02-27-13 at 9:00PM | 01-28-13 at 12:00AM | 03-01-13 at 10:30PM. All times Eastern.

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