Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – International Revolver Championship 2012

We’re at the Hogue Action Shooting Range in Morro Bay for the fastest wheel gunners in the world. It’s the IRC from California. And this one is a major mile-stone for Jerry Miculek. Then a look at the M&P Shield in .40 caliber, that could be your big power carry gun. Plus the story of saving a classic Boardwalk Shooting Gallery. And Todd Jarrett has a Pro Tip on your footwork for combat and for competition.

Shooting USA – Remembering Annie

This week we pay tribute to the original exhibition shooter, Little Miss Sure Shot, Annie Oakley. First a review of our best Annie Oakley, over the shoulde,r mirror shots. Bob and Becky Munden, Byron Ferguson and Todd Jarrett all have their versions of Annie’s classic shot. Then Smith and Wesson pro Julie Golob attempts her first ever mirror shot. It’s Julie’s chance to join the list of pro shooters accomplishing incredible Annie mirror shots.

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We’re back, after taping the Indoor Nationals and shooting the Indoor Nationals. Once again I proved I’m not paid to shoot, but to shoot-off my mouth.

Podcasts from IDPA Indoor Nationals:

As promised, John spent some of the time at the S&W Ranges recording Podcasts with the top shooters and with IDPA Executive Director Joyce Wilson. You’ll find the links to listen in at

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