For the second year in a row,’s bass patterning tool predicted the Bassmaster Classic winning and high-placing patterns and weights. BassGold, a B.A.S.S. partner, is a revolutionary bass patterning web app that provides pattern recommendations using thousands of bass tournament patterns.

Even though BassGold didn’t have patterns specific to February on Grand Lake – because hardly any tournaments are held during that month on Grand – using winter and March patterns for the lake, it predicted the pattern and weights almost exactly.

BassGold showed that points, pockets and shorelines; docks, wood (brush) and rock; and jerkbaits, jigs and crankbaits have been historically successful on Grand during the winter/early spring timeframe. It also showed that winning weights would average in the high teens or early 20s per day. This is exactly what happened at last week’s Classic.

“That’s important because most people think that time of year means fishing offshore instead of a shallower bite along the shore,” said BassGold CEO Jay Kumar. “But that’s not the case at Grand. I’m sure some western pros wish they looked at BassGold before Classic practice because a few guys spent a lot of time and gas money looking for an offshore bite.

“BassGold shows what really has worked, not what fishermen think should work,” he added. “Data can’t lie or have feelings. It just tells us what it tells us.”

The one exception in BassGold’s prediction: spinnerbaits – which have been a big factor in wins of winter/early spring tournaments on Grand, and which locals thought would figure in the Classic – were a non-factor.

BassGold launched at the 2012 Classic, and nailed the winning and high-placing patterns down to the pools on the Red River, plus predicted the winning weight within 6 ounces.

Then it was an amazing 92% accurate in predicting the 2012 Elite Series winning patterns and weights, even on lakes for which it had no data – because bass in similar lake types act the same, something BassGold proves.

Bobby Uhrig, CEO of BassGold sponsor MegaStrike, said: “If you’re going to fish the most important event of your life, you can benefit from BassGold. It doesn’t have to be the Bassmaster Classic. Even if it’s a club tournament, how would you like to go onto a computer, click a few buttons and eliminate 1-2 days of practice time, and be able to dial into patterns, or patterns within patterns, to win?

“BassGold’s results speak for themselves. MegaStrike is excited to sponsor such a powerful tool.”

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