You’ve heard it said the game is often won in the off-season. Research confirms this rings true for deer hunting as well. How you manage and provide for your deer herd during the spring and summer will determine your hunting success come fall.

Its no secret that the availability of certain nutrients are crucial to maximize antler growth and reduce stress on pregnant does during the off-season. That’s where the Mineral Mizer Bag comes in.

Easy to set up, the Mineral Mizer Bag is constantly activated by moisture. The bag releases fresh minerals on the ground, providing a constant supply of nutrients to deer and other game.

This porous, UV-resistant, strong geotextile bag can withstand years of abuse without showing signs of wear or corrosion from wildlife or Mother Nature.

You can hang the Mineral Mizer Bag anywhere, regardless of the terrain and soil, and at an elevation of your choice. When you come back, it will still be there safe and sound, doing its job days, weeks and even months later. The ground lick created by the Mineral Mizer Bag is constantly refreshed by the continual drip, and deer seem to find it and the built-in lick at the base irresistible.

Step up to the plate and enhance your game by providing your deer herd with accessible minerals crucial for healthy pregnant does and new antler growth. The Mineral Mizer Bag will pay great dividends when the season finally rolls around. Order your Mineral Mizer Bag today at .

Image courtesy Source Outdoor Group

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