Unique Design Helps This Spoon Cast Long Distances With Pinpoint Accuracy, Run Deep to Reach Fish

Thereʼs an old saying among anglers that to be successful, you need to fish where the fish are. Sometimes, thatʼs easier said than done — particularly when fish are finicky, hanging deep or the conditions make accurate casting difficult.

Acme Tackle Companyʼs Wob-L-Rite spoon is a must-have for lure fishermen when faced with these conditions on their favorite lake, stream or river. With its compact profile and thick body, Acmeʼs Wob-L-Rite casts like a bullet, even when winds are whipping up whitecaps. The ability to reach long distances from shore or ahead of the boat — and do it with consistent accuracy — is a definite advantage when fish always seem to be just out of reach.

These same characteristics help the Acme Wob-L-Rite sink fast and run deep on the retrieve or troll. Itʼs perfect for fishing “count-down” style and allows you to fish all areas of the water column. Fished with a slow retrieve, Wob-L-Rite will reach into deep pools or underwater ledges, attracting freshwater gamefish to strike with its darting side-to-side action. Its quick-sinking design and flutter “on the fall” also make Wob-L-Rite an excellent choice for vertical jigging or fishing through the ice.

Acme offers the Wob-L-Rite in two sizes and eight different finishes, including metallic hammered finishes that reflect light in all directions and imitate natural baitfish scales. This range of choices helps lure fishermen match local forage and catch fish consistently in a variety of water conditions.

The ¼-oz. Acme Wob-L-Rite is ideal for light- to medium-light spinning gear when chasing trout, pickerel, bass and other freshwater predators. Acmeʼs ½-oz. Wob-L-Rite spoon is a good choice for medium action tackle, and can be cast or trolled for steelhead, large trout, salmon, bass and more. Like each of Acmeʼs time-proven metal lures, the Wob-L-Rite is made using jewel-quality finishes and the finest components, including stainless steel split rings and needle-sharp treble hooks.

Image courtesy Full-Throttle Communications

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