Fortunes Slowly begin to Turn for Keefer Brothers in Yukon

The mounting pressures of securing the ‘Yukon Slam’ is painfully obvious, but the fortitude of the Keefer’s is beginning to pay off! After several close calls with big game, audiences will NOT want to miss the upcoming episode of Dropped: Project Yukon which airs exclusively on Sportsman Channel. Viewers will experience a rare happening between the brothers when they engage in the ‘divide and conquer’ approach in the wilds of the Yukon. The approach causes much consternation, but also reaps BIG results when a bull moose crosses their sights. Don’t miss Dropped: Project Yukon on Tuesday, March 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Dropped: Project Yukon is a Sportsman Channel original series produced in conjunction with Rusted Rooster Media.

If viewers think the elements of the Yukon are now getting under the preverbal skin of Chris and Casey Keefer; they would be accurate. Imagine trying to get warm by starting a fire and then literally catching on fire! This is the unnerving reality Casey finds himself in when trying to warm up and stoke a fire. One jacket down, the brothers decide it’s time to temporally split up and head back to base camp to search for game in other locations. A day after landing in base camp, Chris locates a colossal bull moose in the distance.

“It seemed every time we tried something new, we would get a door slammed in our face,” said Chris Keefer, host of Dropped. “Needless to say when I landed back in base camp I was a little nervous as Casey was still on his own at ‘3 Barrel’. However, it wasn’t long after landing when I saw a huge bull and began stalking hard. This is a finish I’ve been anticipating for a long time and it is way overdue.”

Image courtesy The Sportsman Channel

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