Clean Control Corporation, the developer of 33 year old marketplace success product OdoBan, is now introducing  a complete line of dog and pet care products specifically targeting upland bird hunters, waterfowlers and hunting trade professionals such as trainers, guides and outfitters, breeders, and kennel owners. The Pets Rule brand enables the outdoor enthusiast and hunting professional to maintain a healthy, clean and deodorized setting for their hunting dogs that translates into top field performance. The line represents a total brand solution new to the marketplace for every hunter who enhances their field experience with man’s best friend.

The flagship Pets Rule product is OdoBan, a cleaning and deodorizing product that has proven itself inside multiple institutional settings that include industrial maintenance, physical plant environmental management, factories, hospitals and nursing homes since 1980. The eucalyptus-scented multi- purpose cleaner and deodorizer is suitable for multiple surfaces. With an effective germ cleaning rate of 99.99%, those in the outdoor industry now have a new weapon to maintain a protected, healthy operation. Product is available in a gallon size concentrate or ready-to-use 32.5 ounce spray containers.

Pets Rule Kennel Cleaner has quickly earned a reputation for the ability to tackle the heaviest cleaning and maintenance projects. With a powerful, proven degreasing agent intact, it’s a natural choice for kennel floors, walls and similar hard surfaces. The product is packaged in one gallon sized concentrate form. As is the case with the entire Pets Rule product line, this product is powered by Odoban and is safe around children and pets.

Perhaps the most scientifically appreciated Pets Rule product is Germ Control. As a fungicidal and virucidal, it is an effective controller of canine parvovirus and bordetella. These are among the most common germ and conditions present today in single and multiple pet environments. Unlike most competitive brands, it performs equally well on hard and non-porous surfaces. Available only in gallon size concentrate form, it neutralizes odors and provides freshness and cleanliness.

Of course, mixing concentrate or applying emergency tomato juice while soaking isn’t very practical when a dog is afield and becomes the object of a skunk’s pungent revenge. Sprayed dogs and hunters both need a fast-acting product that knocks out skunk odor on contact. Skunk Plus delivers. The product’s encapsulation odor elimination process eliminates old-school skunk odor remedies. There’s no more permanently offensive odors on clothing from picking up dogs. There’s no more permanent odor damage to vehicles and transport kennels.

The product line is complete with products that simplify life for dog owners. Pets Rule Lawn Repair treats burn spots in yards while breaking down urine molelcules for long term protection. The Pets Rule Odor & Stain product is designed to treat carpet, fabric and upholstery. The Pets Rule Odor Absorber is a gel that traps and absorbs the most offensive odors that manifest themselves in any truck or pet facility.

Image courtesy Rendezvous Marketing Group

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