The March edition of Shooting Industry Magazine discusses how dealers are attracting repeat recreational shooting customers, spotlights the popularity of traditional long guns and shows dealers how to identify customers’ cutlery needs.

Today’s firearms consumers are looking beyond buying a firearm just for hunting or personal protection. These consumers — especially the recreational shooter — are looking for an experience, and it’s imperative dealers successfully engage these customers to boost sales and keep them coming back.

“We’re vying for the same dollars consumers are spending at the movies, at dinner or at bars,” said Tricia Sisson, co-owner of The Range at Lake Norman. “We strive to create an entertainment experience for the customers.”

Read how The Range at Lake Norman engages recreational customers in the March issue.

With the current nonstop run on modern sporting rifles (MSRs), it is easy for dealers to overlook other firearms that remain the backbone of the long-gun market.

“We might overlook what’s in the minds of new customers who want to buy something else (besides an MSR), even if it’s on impulse,” said Ron Buschmann, owner of Shooters Supply and Law Enforcement Equipment in Louisville, Ky. “Try to remember when you were focusing on those other long-gun categories. What were you doing then? At Shooters Supply, we’ve already started that evolution.”

Buschmann’s tactics for long-gun profitability are highlighted in “Long-Gun Comfort.”

Most firearm owners are already knife owners — but no amount of inventory can be expected to fly off the shelf if it’s not geared to a dealer’s specific clientele. Pinpointing customers cutlery needs is as simple as asking a few questions. Read more in the March feature, “Who Is Your Knife Customer?”

Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) and United Sportsman’s Youth Foundation recently completed a pilot project to launch a new series of outdoor activities for the benefit of kids and veterans. Additionally, Smith & Wesson donated $50,000 to HAVA to support programs to assist disabled veterans and wounded active duty military personnel. Read more about HAVA and what the organization is doing for members of the military in the March issue.

Shooting Industry’s Dealers Only Giveaway for March features a prize package from Voodoo Tactical, which includes a backpack, briefcase, weapons case, flashlight and jacket. Dealers can enter to win the package — valued at over $500 — at

To read the March issue — and sign up for a free subscription to the all-digital edition — visit

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