No longer is the bowhunter limited by the boundaries of the backwoods. Archers have become more extreme in their hunting and the terrain they are tackling, but have been hampered with equipment designs that have lagged – at least until now.  Archer Xtreme™ has heard the call and introduced the most revolutionary and versatile bowsight in the industry, the Arc Xtreme (A.X.) Driver – 4 pin.

The fully machined 6061T6 aluminum sight is constructed from solid billet for precision and strength.  This makes the A.X. Driver light enough to carry on long hunts and tough enough to handle the worst terrain that dares to challenge a bowhunter. Maximum light transmission to the Center Core sight pins is accomplished via Archer Xtreme’s Fiber Harness and 20 inches of super flex fiber optics. The A.X. Driver features four, .019″ Center Core Pins with stainless steel tubes for durability and a true, absolute zero pin gap to accommodate the fastest
speed bows.

How many times have bowhunters wished for just one more pin or missed a shot after attempting to stack pins. That will never happen with the A.X. Driver – 4 pin. The A.X. Driver sight has an ingenious micro-adjustment knob for elevation with laser markings for both the horizontal and vertical adjustments. Once your four primary pins have been sighted in, you can gang adjust the entire sight to shoot virtually any distance thanks to its unique EDG Elevation Drive Gear system.  No longer will bowhunters be forced to shoot through the clutter of five, six or even seven or more pins!

It takes more than one innovation to be truly revolutionary and the A.X. Driver does not disappoint. The sight picture features Archer Xtreme’s patent-pending HD Fiber Guard Ring system for unmatched peep sight alignment. Hillside and shots from leaning treestands will be a breeze thanks to the A.X. Driver’s ability to be adjusted on both the 2nd and 3rd axis, meaning you can leave your worries behind and trust the bubble when making a critical shot.

The A.X. Driver comes standard with a full lifetime warranty and is available in Archer Xtreme’s Blackout with red accent knobs.

Image courtesy Archer Xtreme

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