This week on Gun Girl Radio Randi and Julie discuss making travel easier as it relates to shooting, both in the country and internationally. They recommend planning early, even months in advance, in order to avoid stresses and extra rushing due to travel and reservations. Randi explains how she uses excel for organization of the matches and training for them. She then explains how she makes sure she doesn’t exceed her shooting budget for the year. Julie starts out by looking at the year as a whole and decides what her goal for the entire year is, then makes appropriate plans for achieving that goal. They follow up with a discussion on ways to get ammo to matches on time without exceeding weight restrictions for airplanes.

The ladies then move the discussion to gun laws while traveling between states within the United States. They remind us to make sure to check with local laws in all the states we might drive through on the way to our final destination.  Another recommendation is that if flying, you need to do research and print out the TSA and airline regulations. Knowing the rules inside and out will serve you well because you may need to show them what their own regulations entail. Julie mentions a few places you might want to avoid because they aren’t as firearm friendly as others while flying.  The ladies also answer some listener questions & feedback. Email the ladies your own questions to Listen to the entire episode at or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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