This Week in Guns features a panel of hosts from the Firearms Radio Network including Hank, Steve, Jake and Special Guest this Week is Ron Larimer from When the Balloon Goes Up.  This week states across the U.S. push for new gun laws in favor of gun owners. A town in Maine is pushing to make gun ownership mandatory. South Dakota pushes through a law allowing teachers to carry on campus. The fight in Colorado continues as the bill restricting high capacity magazines passed the state senate committee. if the bill is passed, it could inadvertently make pump and semi-automatic shotguns illegal. The crazies down in Florida try to push a bill that would make bullet buyers take an anger management class.

Also following Magpul’s lead, Beretta threatens to leave Maryland should they pass the strict gun laws bill being proposed. On the flip side, possible a poor move by Remington, they expand production in New York after being awarded an $80 million dollar contract by the Pentagon.  Ron and Steve have a lively discussion on whether or not law enforcement should have access to restricted firearms.  Listen to the entire episode at or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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