The new vibrant Swirl dipped pattern give archers a custom look with a touch of real personality

Bowjax, the innovators of the most complete lineup of bow dampening and silencing systems introduces the new colorful Swirl dipped pattern on their noise and vibration dampening products. The vivid new look gives archers a custom look with a touch of real personality.

Today’s archery enthusiasts demand bow accessories that not only work great, but also look good. The new Swirl pattern from Bowjax gives archers a chance to decorate their bow with color-matching accessories that enhance the overall look and attitude. The original dye was used on hard plastics. Bowjax meticulously crafted their very own recipe, ratios, and machine setup to achieve the correct color pattern.

The flashy Swirl color options include: Neon Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, and red. The color options will be available for Monsterjax single limb dampeners as well as Revelations, which are specifically built for dampening split limb bows.

Image courtesy Maxima Media

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