Four operators remain in contention for the top honor of Maximum Warrior on “Maximum Warrior 3,” produced by Maxim and sponsored by BLACKHAWK!. After seven weeks of competition, the remaining operators face new and tougher challenges where only their grit and warrior-tested BLACKHAWK! gear will bring them through. In its third season, the competition has grown with more difficult events, testing the operators’ skills and abilities as they look to emerge as the Maximum Warrior.

New Episode

This week’s episode finds the warriors behind the wheel of an ultra-light tactical vehicle. A biathlon meets “The Road Warrior” as competitors navigate the various road surfaces, stopping to shoot targets along the way. Each warrior will have 15 seconds to memorize targets with a particular color pattern and hunt for these targets throughout the entire course. After completing each lap, the competitors must shoot all of the plates on a six-plate rack. Shooting the incorrect color target or failure to knock down all six plates will result in a time penalty. The warrior with the slowest time will be eliminated.

A new episode airs each Wednesday at In addition to seeing the newest challenges, fans can catch up on past action and get to know each competitor. “Warrior Profiles” and “Preparation for Battle” offer a glimpse into the lives of these U.S. Special Operations soldiers and what it takes to be ready to serve.

Image courtesy BLACKHAWK!

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