Donʼt Ruin Your Memory of Hunting the Widow Maker With a Drill and a Nail

Beyond the beauty of simplicity, European mounts have the distinction of focusing the viewerʼs attention on one of the most coveted parts of the animal, the antlers or horns. However, the mount alone cannot equal perfection without the worldʼs greatest mounting system, the SkullHooker.

SkullHooker has designed an ingenious mounting system for your European mount and is offered in two sizes. The stout Big Hooker is ideal for larger game animals such as Cape buffalo. Slightly smaller than its cousin, the Asian water buffalo, the Cape buffaloʼs ancestry remains a mystery, but its reputation for unpredictability and ferocity has earned its spot as one of Africaʼs most dangerous game animals and the most highly sought African trophy by hunters.

However, like other members of the African Big Five, “Black Death” is hardly suitable for a shoulder mount. The bovine species is less than pretty and more importantly; the dark hide serves to deemphasize the quality of horn and the development of the bosses unlike a European mount, which enhances the view. Understanding this, it is easy to understand why simply ordering a European mount from a taxidermist is not enough unless you have the tool to finish the job — SkullHookerʼs Big Hooker.

The SkullHooker design is deceptively simple, yet extremely versatile. The SkullHooker is made from three separate parts, the wall plate, swing arm and skull hook. This makes mounting simple, while offering you the versatility to display your European mount with a right or left perspective and at any vertical angle you desire to give the best viewing advantage.

The Big Hooker is designed to mount and display large trophies such as Cape buffalo without risking your mount by drilling holes or using glues. The tasteful, modern-looking SkullHooker system eliminates the old, bulky, staticlookingwood plaques or nails. Instead, it is engineered to hold the largest mounts securely thanks to it patented prong system.

The SkullHooker is available in two sizes. The Big Hooker handles harder to display beasts such as Cape buffalo, but is also ideal for caribou, elk, bison, moose, grizzly/brown bear, stag, domestic steer and most of Africaʼs large game — kudu, eland and others. The Little Hooker is designed to accommodate all deer species, black bears, cougar, antelope and other small exotic game. Both SkullHooker models are powder coated in either Robust Brown or Graphite Black to match any motif or trophy room furnishings.

Image courtesy Full-Throttle Communications

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