The GUNS May issue cover story features the new civilian variant of SIG SAUER’s dependable M11 service pistol — the M11-A1. Combining a sleek, compact exterior and an improved 15-round magazine with trusted SIG reliability, the M11-A1 will appeal to a wide cross-section of private citizens.

“The new SIG SAUER M11-A1 is basically the exact same pistol as the M11 with a few desirable upgrades for a more durable, practical pistol,” GUNS Editor Jeff John explains. “The frame sports the MIL-STD UID label on the left side, just as issue M11s have, making this an excellent companion piece to those building a modern collection of currently issued United States arms.”

Hunters looking for the renowned accuracy of custom rifles, such as those from New Ultra Light Arms or Serengeti Rifles, will often settle for more affordable production rifles. In “A Tale Of Two Rifles,” Contributing Editor John Barsness offers two affordable “limited-production” rifle options — the Montana Rifle Company XWR and the Model 24 Forbes Rifle — that feature above-average barrels and proprietary actions at a modest price.

“The Montana XWR and Forbes Rifle both have proprietary actions with lapped locking lugs, plus well-bedded synthetic stocks and fine barrels,” Barsness writes. “Over the past decade, I’ve used the Serengeti 7×57 and NULA .30-06 for my big-game hunting, since they’ve both proven to be highly reliable and accurate. The XWR and Forbes Rifle appear to be just as reliable and accurate, but at a much lower price!”

Other topics covered in this issue of GUNS Magazine include the success story of Springfield Armory’s Enhanced Micro Pistol in .40 S&W, how to engage in self defense from the confines of a wheelchair and some helpful tips on maintaining firearms to keep them in peak condition.

The May Gun of the Month Giveaway features an AIMPRO Tactical Custom Hybrid Shotgun. Valued at over $1,600, this prize bundle also includes a number of products from Brite-Strike: a 290-lumen weapon light, the BD-198-MH-2C flashlight, the Roto-Loc flashlight holster and two Tactical Illumination Balls. Readers can enter to win this giveaway by simply visiting

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One thought on “SIG SAUER’s M11-A1: Designed for Civilians, Highlighted in May Issue of GUNS Magazine

  1. It’s not even remotely similar to the issue M11, the slide, frame and magazine are all different and not interchangeable. It’s just a 9mm P229-1 with a slightly different slide contour. Not even made in the same country as the issue M11.

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