Long range shooting requires a combination of the right equipment, preparation and mathematical know how. So Jim and Trav have assembled a crack shot team and they’re hoping to leave you with the right skills, gear and mindset that you’ll need to become a better long range shooter and hunter by the end of this week’s Revolution.

Ruger Firearms – Mark Gurney
Long range shooting begins and ends with the rifle you choose. While many rifles may have the capability to go the distance, that doesn’t mean they have the ability to produce the precise accurate shots needed in long range hunting. Ruger’s Mark Gurney hits up The Revolution this week to talk about Ruger‘s line of rifles and what he recommends for long distance shooting.

Federal Premium Ammunition – Tim Brandt

After you choose your long distance rifle, the next thing you need to consider is ammunition. What cartridge will you need to keep the velocity, resist the wind and maintain accuracy at such long distances? Federal Premium Ammunition‘s Tim Brandt joins the conversation and talks about the different options available for long distance shooting and what will best suit your needs.

Elite Tactical Unit: SWAT – Winner Tony Caspers

Elite Tactical Unit: S.W.A.T. is an adrenaline-fueled reality show featuring fierce competition between active-duty S.W.A.T. officers who are put into realistic missions. The finale aired this week with Tony Caspers taking home the win. Tony talks with Jim and Trav this week about the rigorous competition and his road to the winner’s circle.

The 1,000 Yard Shot – J. Guthrie

J. Guthrie is an outdoor writer and the author of “The 1,000 Yard Shot” – a recent article appearing in Field & Stream magazine. This week he unloads his knowledge of long range shooting on Jim and Trav, giving them tips on everything from the gun to the cartridge, the scope, accessories and more!

Defensive Edge – Shawn Carlock

Shawn Carlock of Defensive Edge has considerable arms experience with 11 years as a SWAT team member as well as a shooting competitor and long range hunter. Now he’s using his experience to train military/law enforcement and civilians in the art of long distance shooting. He talks with Jim and Trav about his instructional DVD’s as well as the classes he offers to help develop your shooting skills.


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