As outdoor and GPS apps become more popular, iPhones and Android phones have quickly become an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts. A tap here, a tap there, and the screen is soon covered with fingerprints.

SmartKlear by LensPen is a new product especially designed to clean fingerprints from iPhone and Android phone screens. SmartKlear features the same LensPen grease-cutting carbon compound counted on for decades to keep camera, binocular and other fine optic lenses clean. It’s simple to use: just remove the cap, clean the screen and replace the cap to re-charge the cleaning pad. That’s it. No cloths, tissues or sprays.

“When we introduced the original LensPen 20 years ago, it was designed to remove dust and to safely and effectively remove the occasional fingerprint from lenses,” said Ryan Keating, vice president of marketing for the LensPen Group. “With the introduction of the iPad and iPhone a few years ago, touching glass was no longer a mistake or an accident; it’s how the product is used! We knew our carbon technology was the perfect solution.”

SmartKlear is similar in design and functions the same way as SideKick, the iPad and tablet screen cleaner that LensPen introduced two years ago.

“SideKick is designed for the large touchscreens on iPads and tablets; really too big for iPhones and Android phones,” Keating said. “SmartKlear has a smaller cleaning pad that works great on a phone.” Replacement cleaning pads for SmartKlear are also available, Keating said.

Image courtesy Venture

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