Larson Electronics added a new line of LED lighting for industrial and marine applications.  The LEDP10W-40ET 40 watt LED light is an example of this new line and offers a mounting base that will hold any angle of beam placement even under extreme vibratory conditions.

Larson Electronics added a new line of LED lights to its array of illumination solutions for industrial and marine applications. The LEDP10W-40ET 40 watt LED light exemplifies this rugged new series of lights that are ideal for industrial or marine applications. Designed to enables operators the ability to position the LED light head securely at any angle, the unique mounting base does the work of a u-bracket mount without the issues associated with side fastening the light. While many yolk style brackets require multiple fastening points on both sides of the fixture, this ET style mount enables operators to affix the angle purely from the bottom of the LED fixture, and the double bracket approach means that no amount of vibration will cause the light to change angles. Ideal for mobile or high vibration environments, the LEDP10W-40ET combines a vibration resistant LED fixture with a high vibration resistant mounting solution.

“The LEDP10W-40ET 40 watt LED light can serve as an LED boat light or as a grill light on train track maintenance vehicle,” said Rob Bresnahan with “In either case, the IP68 rating and the design of the mount enables operators to securely position this light and position the beam where it is most needed.  And while the light is held securely, it is very easy for the operator to change the angle of the LED light.”

Larson Electronics produces a wide range of LED lighting suitable for industrial and marine applications. You can learn more at or by contacting 1-800-369-6671 (1-903-498-3363 international) or

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