In Episode #54 of BHK Outdoor Radio, L.T. and Dan talk to Dave Canterbury about his YouTube videos, The Pathfinder School, The Pathfinder Youth Organization, Self Reliance Illustrated, trapping, and more. Dave Canterbury has filmed 800 YouTube videos that have received a total of 30 million views. In his videos he offers instructions, tutorials, and advice on being self-reliant in the outdoors.

Dave also discusses the Pathfinder Youth Organization. How it got started and how to become a youth instructor. The guys talk about how they decided to start Self Reliance Illustrated and upcoming articles Dave has planned. Dave talks about his interest in trapping and his reasons for pursuing this skill.

L.T. and Dan ask Dave about his new product. It is a new stainless steel canteen cooking kit. The 39 ounce stainless steel canteen comes with a 25 ounce stainless steel cup and a stove designed by Robert Simpson of The canteen, videos, information about classes, and more can be found at

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