Darkstar Swimmer

EVOLVE Fishing LLC releases the DarkStar Swimmer: A bulb-tail swimbait with massive thumping action. The DarkStar Swimmer is at home behind a swim jig and A-rig, but perhaps most effectivelyfished on an EWG weighted/unweighted hook.

The DarkStar Swimmer has a break in the main body segment where a bulb-tail portion tapers to a heavy thumping paddle. These features, coupled with flattened sides and a slightly angled tail portion, create a swimbait that will thump and shake even on a very slow retrieve. Fantastic rib and head detailing add to the baits appeal. Available in 9 killer colors, the DarkStar Swimmer is available through most of EVOLVE Fishing’s premium tackle dealers.

Mad Mouse

EVOLVE FISHING LLC. Is proud to announce a freshwater fishing industry first- the anatomically correct topwater buzzing rodent: Mad Mouse. In a product market filled with hollow and buzzing frogs and the occasional hollow bodied mouse or rat, EVOLVE aims to finally satisfy the appetite of anglers who want a multi-piece per pack, injection molded rodent for under $4.99.

Mad Mouse was designed with a keel shaped body to keep the bait running true along the surface. An unusually deep hook slot that comes to within 1/8’’ inch from the back of the bait ensures excellent penetration. Modeled after the common field mouse, Mad Mouse is the perfect small size to draw strikes from Bass of all sizes, and is ideally fished with a standard wire, wide gap hook. In design, we opted to keep the buzzing feet smaller, to mimic exactly the way a rodent swims the surface- subtle yet fatally noticeable. A curled section of the tail near the base of the body allows subtle flicking and swimming action without tangling with the feet.


EVOLVE Fishing LLC is proud to announce the Rx VibraGRUB. For those who have not yet had a chance to experiment with this lure, you need to see what the hype is about. The VibraGRUB is one of the few truly special soft lure designs to be released in years. Designed and marketed by a hardcore angler and an engineering duo, the VibraGRUB has appendages that run the length of the main body segment and actually swim, flutter, and undulate as water flows across the front of the bait.

Absolutely deadly on a darter or ball head jig, scrounger head, on a weighted EWG/Swimbait hook, or as a spinnerbait trailer, the VibraGRUB is truly as versatile as they come. However, perhaps no better rigging method showcases the deadliness of the VibraGRUB then when thrown on an Alabama/Multi-Rig. The things a school of VibraGRUBS do to even weary bass should be illegal. Please contact EVOLVE Fishing for promo video of the Rx VibraGRUB, as this lure truly needs to be seen to be understood.

Logo courtesy Evolve Fishing

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