Forget cabin fever, the mercury is slowing rising and with it comes the start of spring turkey season. So tune in this week as Jim and Trav and The Revolution’s expert panel break down effective turkey calls and calling tips, decoying spring turkeys, patterning turkeys with your GPS, camouflaging yourself, cooking spring turkeys and everything else Spring Turkey related! Tune in to The Revolution this week for more!

Will Brantley – Spring Turkey Tips & Advice

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie to spring turkey season, Will Brantley has advice to make this spring your best season yet! Outdoor writer Will Brantley joins Jim and Trav this week to offer his turkey hunting expertise on bringing in stubborn birds, using decoys, caping out a turkey once you’ve harvested it and more! Tune in to The Revolution this week!

Terry Drury – Turkey Hunter’s Biggest Mistakes

The season finale of “King of the Spring” aired this week on Outdoor Channel, and while Terry Drury may not have secured the win he still has some serious turkey wisdom to lay on us. Tune in as Terry schools us in the art of turkey calling, pop up blinds and layout blinds. He also cautions against one of the biggest mistakes turkey hunters make: not getting close enough. Don’t miss it!

M.D. Johnson – Dust Bowl Turkey Strategy

As a thirty-year turkey hunting veteran and published author, M.D. Johnson talks about how to find and call in reluctant gobblers using one of their favorite spots: the dust bowl. He’ll give us the skinny on the best locations, blinds, decoys and once you’re set up the most effective way to call them in.

Lawrence Pyne – Hunting Turkey with a GPS

Despite its size compared to big game animals, turkey hunting can be just as much of a challenge. Turkeys are smart and have incredible eye sight and this week Lawrence Pyne talks with Jim & Trav about the benefits of hunting them with a GPS – and how it helps locate and move in on big toms!


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