New Nissin Di700 Flash Offers Range of Innovative Features


Housed in a stylish new design, the Nissin Di700 Flash provides a wide range of innovative features, all created to meet photographers’ needs, even beginners. With its colorful LCD control panel and selector dial, all settings can be operated easily with one finger-tip.

Beyond its style and simplicity, this newly designed flash delivers important new advantages, including focal length coverage from 24 to 200mm. With a maximum output of GN50 at 200mm, it can provide changing light qualities, which makes possible a wider range of shooting options.

The Di700 features a new rotating lock release button for greater versatility. It has 180° horizontal rotation, right and left, and tilts up to 90° and  -7° downward, ideal for close-up photography.

It’s the only flash in its category equipped with external power sockets. When operating with the new Nissin Power Pack PS 8, it greatly shortens the recycling time and increases the number of flashes. This is further reinforced by its impressive synchronization, supporting High Speed Sync up to 1/8000-second shutter speed, perfect for wildlife and action photography.

The new Nissin Di700 Flash – which supports Canon E-TTL/ ETTL II and Nikon i-TTL – and the Nissin Power Pack PS 8 are both distributed in the USA exclusively by MINOX. Available in July, MSRP $299.

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