This Week on The Revolution: Invasive Species


Invasive Species: They’re everywhere! They’ve infiltrated our waters and marshes, they’re a growing threat to our prairies, they’re damaging our forests and they’re causing mayhem where ever they go and their economic impact is insurmountable! So Jim and Trav and their expert panel will weigh the impacts, discuss a viable solution and talk preventative measures when it comes to Invasive Species. 

Zebra & Quagga Mussels – Doug Gran

The Zebra mussel is a highly prolific invasive species that has caused widespread property damage, has displaced endemic bivalve species, attaches itself to any hard surface and is slowly changing the underwater ecosystem. Doug Gran with Wildlife Forever talks about the infiltration of not only the Zebra mussel but also the Quagga mussel, which in many cases is now out-competing the zebra mussel and taking its place in many waterways.

Asian Carp – Steve Pennaz

Asian carp are a voracious and destructive invasive species threatening the survival of native fishes and the health of America’s waterways. They are fast-growing, aggressive and adaptable fish that are outcompeting native fish species for food and habitat in much of the mid-section of the United States. And now they present a threat to the Great Lakes. Steve Pennaz joins Jim & Trav to talk about these prolific invaders.

Rock Snot – Kirk Deeter

“Rock Snot” is an aggressive invasive algae that thickly coats riverbeds and kills native fish, freshwater mussels and aquatic insects. While waterways are already threatened by a host of other invaders, rock snot is quickly rising to the top of that list. Kirk Deeter with Trout Unlimited gives us more details this week!

Eurasian Collared Dove – Rick Boatner

Though they may not be as nasty as some of the invasive species, the Eurasian collared dove is still considered an invasive species. They are about 1 1/2 times larger than the average dove, and displace mourning doves. Rick Boatner of the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife talks more about them this week.

Feral Hogs – Ken Gioeli

Ken Gioeli is a program extension agent with the University of Florida where he conducts feral hog management research. He joins The Revolution this week to talk about the environmental and agricultural destruction feral hogs are causing and also the danger they are being to pose to motorists as vehicle collisions are on the rise in many feral hog over run areas.


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