D.T. Systems Unveils New Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher


D.T. Systems has made dog training easier with the new Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher. Using technologies from the already field proven hand held Super Pro Dummy Launcher, the Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher’s portable design allows all dog owners, trainers, and handlers the ability to remotely launch retrieving dummies.

Perfect for training blind retrieves, multiple retrieves and use in field trials, the all-aluminum and stainless steel construction and folding design make this unit lightweight, portable, and most of all durable. The Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher uses a small remote that allows the unit to be operated up to 1200 yards away. For those needing multiple launches, the Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher allows up to 16 launchers that can be programmed to one handheld remote. Being able to launch dummies almost hands free allows for better control and handling of dogs during training.

For multiple retrieving styles, the launch angle can be changed from 0-75 degrees depending on the training situation.

Using .22 caliber blanks, the Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher launches dummies out to 100 yards (depending on the power level of the load used). With safety in mind, D.T. Systems designed the Safe-T Ratchet which prevents accidental miss fires.

After a day of training, the launchers can be located in the field with an on board beeper that is audible up to 450 yards.

Watch this VIDEO to see the D.T. Systems Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher in action.

DT Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher Suggested Retail Price:

$399.99 to $329.99 depending upon configuration. (Three models available.)

To learn more about D.T. System and its complete line of dog training products, visit www.dtsystems.com.

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