This Week on SOTG Radio: Super Gun Accidentally Fires, Injures 10


The mainstream news media takes morbid delight any time a lawful gun owner makes a mistake. A big mistake was made at an Illinois sportsmen’s club when a member discharged a load of shot into the floor of the clubhouse.  Fragments injured ten people. According to reports, none of the injuries were life-threatening. The title of the news story stated that the “gun” had “accidentally” fired.  A deeper look shows that it was negligence, not an accident. We’ll consider the difference.

We follow up on two previous stories from previous episodes of SOTG Radio. Paul examines just how ‘safe’ the Bloomberg/Cuomo Anti-Gun Paradise has become. Also, the citizens of the besieged state of Colorado have formally filed their recall of State Senate President John Morse. Tune in to hear about his reaction to the effort.

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