In This Issue of Police Marksman Magazine: Weapon Mounted Tactical Lights


The May/June 2013 issue of The Police Marksman is now available online from Hendon Media Group.

This issue’s “Bullseye” focuses on weapon mounted tactical lights and features the case for and against them by SWAT Team Leader Lt. Warren Wilson.

This month’s online issue of The Police Marksman also “Sights In On” police ammunition. Articles target “Generation Four” ammo by Dr. Martin Topper and the quest for the “Magic Bullet” by George T. Williams.

Also, the first in a series of “Why Do We Teach” columns by Williams addresses various firearms training concepts and instruction methods and why we teach them or why we shouldn’t.

The Police Marksman offers product reviews of the new Ruger SR45 and the Grand Power P1 pistol. The SR45 is the third caliber offering from Sturm, Ruger & Company, following their 9mm and .40 caliber SR series pistols. The Grand Power may be unfamiliar, but its performance should cause you to take notice.

This month’s Course of Fire includes the use of dummy rounds to improve pistol handling, reloading, malfunction clearing, lateral movement, and sight reacquisition. It’s designed so range officers can print it out as a single page and utilize it for training “as is” or with their own modifications.

Brian McKenna’s “Officer Down” column recounts an officer involved shooting that teaches the lessons of misreading danger signs. Reading this account will stay with you for years. If you find yourself in a similar situation, the hair will stand up on the back of your neck and you will remember how to keep yourself safe.

The Police Marksman continues its mission of being “by cops, for cops” and helping to keep officers safe with information they can really use.

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