OCTANE Double Droptine Rest Fuels Performance in the Field


OCTANE, the most reliable and dependable brand of archery accessories, introduces a new arrow rest certain to deliver in the field. Built to define durability and ease-of-use, the Double Droptine rest implements the latest materials and technologies to fuel every hunt.

“A successful hunt depends on the details, and OCTANE accessories have them covered,” said Samuel Coalson, Director of Marketing for OCTANE. “With the introduction of the Double Droptine, bow hunters now have two rest options from OCTANE that guarantee arrow accuracy and speed while delivering unmatched durability.”

The Double Droptine™ is a fall-away rest compact in size and simple to set up. Factory markings provide easy installation and the compact construction eliminates the need to tie the cord to the bowstring. The containment channel holds arrows at all times, even when the bow is not at full draw, but drops at the right time, every time during the shot. There is also no bounce-back after arrow release, which means deadly silence on every shot.

Introduced in 2012, The Hijack is a full-capture rest built from lightweight, high-performance material that provides the perfect fit for any arrow size. An adjustable spring plunger and two posts are positioned to avoid contact with the fletching and deliver superior speed and accuracy with every shot. The plunger and posts also feature Frohawk technology to ensure completely silent arrow loading and shooting.

The Double Droptine is solid black with red accents and has a suggested retail price of $69.99, while The Hijack is listed at $59.99. OCTANE accessories are built to fit all leading bow manufacturer’s models.

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