BHK Outdoor Radio Episode #65: Broadcast from the Blade Show!


In Episode #65 of BHK Outdoor Radio, L.T. and Dan talk about the Blade Show in Atlanta.

Blind Horse Knives traveled to the Blade Show the first weekend in June. The guys talk about what it’s like at the super bowl of knives. They chat about the companies that attended, the seminars, the Living Ready Expo, and the cutting competition. If you like knives, the Blade Show was the place to be and the crew from BHK had a great time!

L.T. and Dan reflect on the past several years going to the Blade Show and how things have changed over the years for the company. They talk about all of the different handle materials available at the show. They tease a new line of knives that Blind Horse Knives debuted at the show.

Brad Stallsmith from Peters Heat Treat stops by to talk about the Bladesports Cutting Championship. Dan Keffeler won the Cutting Championship at the Blade Show. They talk about the competition, the blade, and the party afterwards!

If you’re into knives, make sure to check out the Blade Show next year!

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