Backwoods Life Ranks Fourth on Facebook Hunting TV Pages


The Backwoods Life (BWL) Facebook page, with over 190,000 “Likes” comes in at number four on the top 50 rankings of Facebook pages for outdoor hunting TV shows. Starting with a around 4,000 “likes”, the Backwoods Life page has grown greatly over the past few years to just shy of the 200,000 mark and brings them in with the number four rank as of June 5, 2013. The top five pages as of the June date are:

  1. Bone Collector – 431,101
  2. The Crush – 331,955
  3. Drury Outdoors – 255,643
  4. Backwoods Life – 191,413
  5. Buck Commander – 170,087

Backwoods Life is the only Sportsman Channel show in the top five as well as the “biggest monthly gainer” for June with a growth of 13,894, according to the list source, Social Marketing Guys, LLC (SMG).  SMG ranks the top 50 Facebook pages each month and continues to add new social media stats as well in the future including Twitter as well as Facebook “engagement” analytics. For more information and to see the entire top 50 list visit:

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