Glock 30S .45 Redefines “Pocket Power” in the August Issue of GUNS Magazine


“Pocket power” takes on a new meaning in the form of the Glock 30S .45, the cover gun for the GUNS Magazine August issue. While initially modified to better equip the LAPD, this Glock combines the G30’s 11 rounds of .45 ACP with the slim, more concealable slide of the G36 — creating a dynamic combination to satisfy new and experienced gun owners.

“The stock Glock 30S is a dependable, reliable, accurate self-defense pistol for concealed carry due to the narrow slide and 11-shot capability,” describes Massad Ayoob, GUNS contributing editor. “With the 30S, Glock has listened to feedback from some of their most educated and experienced users, and created a more concealable version of one of their best sellers, which is also lighter and more comfortable to carry.”

In “Revolutionary Rifle Products,” John Barsness reminds consumers the importance of testing groundbreaking products like new exterior metal coatings and clean-burning ball powders.  Ultimately naming the Burris Eliminator Riflescope as the “most revolutionary product in recent years,” Barsness discusses a wide range of innovative goodies from Montana X-Treme Bore Solvent and Wipe-Out foam to KG 1 Carbon Remover and Ramshot TAC powder.

Other “must-sees” in the August issue include: the Bushmaster .308 hunter in “The Modern Sporting Rifle Afield,” “Faux Vintage Sniper Rifles,” handloading the .45 Colt and a review of Mossberg’s .308 ATR Night Train

Readers can enter to win the August Gun of the Month Giveaway by visiting The giveaway features a Browning Father & Son X-Bolt Hunter and Micro Midas Rifle Package valued at $3,963.82 and includes: a pair of Steiner Predator Xtreme 2.5x-10x42mm scopes, matching scope ring sets from Talley Manufacturing Inc. and two Trapper blades from Queen Cutlery.

The Digital Edition of the GUNS August issue is available for free online at, with exclusive online features like The Online Manufacturers Product Index and an exclusive Online Feature “SIG556 Swat Patrol” by Todd Burgreen. Readers are encouraged to visit the digital edition and to sign-up for a free digital subscription.

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