Larson Electronics Announces Release of Infrared LED Headlight for Covert Operations


Larson Electronics has announced the release of an infrared LED light designed to allow users to replace or augment their vehicles current headlights with infrared illumination that is visible only with the use of night vision devices. The LEDLB-20E-IR-MHL LED Infrared LED Headlight is a rugged and powerful LED light bar that gives operators in military and security related fields the ability to illuminate the area in front of their vehicles with infrared illumination that is visible only with the use of night vision goggles and headgear  or infrared camera systems.

The LEDLB-20E-IR-MHL infrared LED headlight from Larson Electronics produces its light output in the infrared 940Nm end of the light spectrum, making it ideal for military applications where covert operations require the ability to illuminate areas without being visible to others. This infrared LED light is constructed with an extruded aluminum housing for extreme durability and light weight and has a heavy duty polycarbonate lens that provides excellent resistance to scratching and breakage. The entire unit is rated IP68 waterproof to three meters, making it impervious to the effects of weather and even complete submersion underwater. The LED assembly contains twenty Edison Edixeon® 3 watt infrared emitters paired with high purity optics to provide high output and excellent beam quality without the irregularities and unevenness associated with HID and incandescent infrared lighting systems. Thanks to built in advanced LED drivers these units can operate from any voltage ranging between 9 and 42 VDC, and have active heat control programming that allows them to maintain full power output without excessive heat buildup that can lead to premature LED failure. The entire lamp assembly measures only 12 inches long by 3 inches high, making it easy to mount in a variety of locations where space is at a premium. The mounting system consists of a pair of adjustable aluminum brackets with rubber isolators and stainless steel hardware for secure installation and added resistance to the effects of heavy vibration and jarring impacts. These are extremely durable units and are capable of withstanding rapid temperature changes of -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius, heavy impacts and abusive environmental conditions, and demanding tactical use that typical incandescent and HID lamps simply cannot survive. These heavy duty LED lights are ideal for military use and allow vehicle operators to illuminate the area in front of their vehicles with infrared illumination that can only be seen with the use of night vision devices. This ability to provide covert illumination is a critical advantage that can allow convoys, transports, and similar vehicles to pass through areas undetected at night while still allowing friendly forces to easily maintain easy location and identification of the blacked out vehicles as well as the path in front of them. Because of their heavy duty design and high power infrared output, these infrared LED headlights are also well suited to similar applications such as security and law enforcement as well as marine applications where night vision equipment is commonly used.

“The LEDLB-20E-IR-MHL is a powerful LED infrared emitter with a small form factor for use in covert operations,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “With a low profile and compact form, this infrared emitted is ideal for covert operations that require concealed infrared vehicle lighting.”

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