MOJO Outdoors Introduces the Pick Stick


The MOJO Pick Stick is truly a revolutionary product from a company known for advancing the cutting edge in outdoor products. Revolutionary because it is a one-of-a-kind product that fills the long-standing need for shotgun shooters in both hunting and shooting sports for easy and convenient retrieval of spent hulls. No more bending over or getting on knees or hand retrieving from wet, muddy or messy surfaces.

It works by a specifically designed and placed magnet in an adjustable hiking pole style housing with comfortable padded handle and convenient wrist strap. The magnet is designed and placed to cause the hulls to “walk” up the side of the lower few inches of the pole, thus preventing “cluster” at the end and allowing a box of 25 or more to be retrieved at one time, which can then be easily “rake” off into any container.

Video of Product in Action:

Works well on hard ground, in the water, mud or snow and doubles as a handy walking or wading pole.

Convenient removal of hulls ensures that most, if not all will be removed from the field, contributing to better relations with land owners, which helps all hunters and shooters.

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