Timber Hawk Rocks the Backcountry with the Killshot


The backcountry is a hunter’s ultimate getaway. It offers a return to nature, and a time devoid of cellphones, DVRs and skyscrapers. Just because you unplug yourself from the modern world, however, doesn’t mean you should abandon technology, altogether. To accept the challenges of hunting rugged land you must be properly equipped, and sometimes the best-performing gear happens to be pretty high-tech. Which is why you won’t regret investing in the one thing upon which all your other equipment depends: the Timber Hawk Killshot pack.

We call the 3,000 cubic inch category the “Holy Grail” of backpacks. After seven years of production and a lot of R&D, the Killshot has grown by a few hundred cubic inches, added a few bells and whistles, and turned a lot of heads. It’s also carried out a lot of heads.

The 2013 Killshot offers the backcountry adventurer a pack that has a small enough profile to quietly navigate thick timbers, but is still big enough to handle a multi-day outing, with some room left over for packing out your first load of meat. Going out for a day hunt in an area closed to four-wheelers? Carry your fully compressed Killshot and it’s no bigger than normal daypack. You’ll be able to carry home the meat from an entire deer, plus the head, all in one trip. The Killshot allows the hunter to carry his or her rifle on the left or right side and features four different attachment points that can be used to attach your bow or rifle. This ensures optimum balance of your load during long treks, while keeping your gear organized for quick and easy access. There’s even a blaze orange rain covering to keep your gear dry in the rain, or to add an element of safety when you need to be noticed.

The Timber Hawk Killshot includes a two-liter, reversible Hydrapak bladder with insulated hose, adjustable shoulder strap system, large capacity main compartment, three horizontal compression straps for load stability and right and left hip belt accessory pockets for instant access to gear or snacks. And that barely scratches the surface of the Killshot’s features. Other features that lend an advantage to serious hunters include a quiet, durable twill lining, padded front organizer, fleece lined accessory pocket and a removable shoulder strap pouch with magnetic closure.

The Timber Hawk Killshot also includes the Hawkeye Bino System, which allows a hunter to keep his optics on him at all times, and stabilize them when in use. Because it can be used with or without your backpack, the Hawkeye system completely eliminates the need for an elastic bino harness. If there’s a chance for a quick shot, the optics fall perfectly out of the way and do not hinder movement, whether shouldering a rifle or drawing a bow. The folks at Timber Hawk know that, when hunting, it’s the small details that can mean the difference between failure and success. The Killshot is all about details, from the large-loop zipper pulls that allow easy access with gloved hands, to the complete concealment achieved by Realtree APX camo.

If you need the perfect pack for multi-day hunts in the mountains or anywhere else, try the Killshot. When you buy a Timber Hawk, you’ll get more bag for your buck! For more information on the Timber Hawk Killshot and the rest of the lineup contact Timber Hawk at 1919 Vineburn Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif. 90032 · Telephone: (801) 597-0087 · Or go to www.timberhawk.com.

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