Moon Shine, LP Licenses with CoolWaders


Moon Shine, LP Licenses Muddy Girl and Wildfire Patterns

Moon Shine, LP, designer of Moon Shine Attitude Attire, announces with great excitement that they have partnered with CoolWaders. CoolWaders will be offering the Muddy Girl and Wildfire camo patterns on their neoprene fishing waders, which are mostly worn for ATV mud riding. More unique than your typical waders, CoolWaders expresses themselves with bold and vivid colors for the outdoor audience that likes to play in the mud more than the water.  Moon Shine Camo’s attitude driven patterns lend themselves to the audience and application that CoolWaders represents.

“This seems like the perfect match” stated Moon Shine president, Travis Mattern.” CoolWaders goes beyond wading in the water and targets those who like to play in the mud. Mudding motorsports has been a growing audience for us and we are glad that we have teamed up with a manufacturer that already has an established presence in this marketplace.”

Christy LeFrance sees great potential in the Moon Shine patterns. She states, “We believe the partnership between Moon Shine Attitude Attire and Cool Waders will benefit both companies by reaching a new market for Moon Shine Attitude Attire and offering our customers a cutting edge camo pattern. Our new lineup will premiere fall 2013 and we are excited to include Muddy Girl and Wildfire!”

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