This Week on The Revolution: Issues Facing the Outdoors


The Revolution talks pressing outdoor issues this week.  Mrs. Bunny will join Jim and Trav as they discuss five key outdoor topics including: the road hunting epidemic, food plots versus maintaining natural habitat, boycotting hunting in pro Gun Control states, and habitat conservation versus access. And finally we’ll get the latest from Jim on his quest to achieve excellence in his up and coming African safari!

The Road Hunting Epidemic

Aside from predators, poachers are one of the biggest threats deer are facing today. Deer are the country’s most popular hunting species and illegal hunting is on a dramatic rise. Statistics say for every one deer harvested legally at least one more is taken illegally. Whether it is to get a jump on the hunting season, the desire for a large rack and some bragging rights or a trophy head to sell for big money the troubling trend is growing every year. Tune in to hear more.

Food Plots vs Natural Habitat

Hunters everywhere are trying everything in their arsenal to draw bigger bucks to their stand and food plots are no exception. We’re planting small acreage food plots for nutrition and ultimately to draw deer to our hunting ground. However, with all the attention focused on food plots, are natural habitats being neglected. What kind of natural habitat management or restoration should we be doing in addition to planting food plots?

Boycotting Gun Control

With several gun control bills signed into law earlier this year, Colorado received a lot of push back from hunters across the country vowing to boycott hunting in the Centennial State. Now that a couple of months have passed the situation doesn’t seem as dire as it once did, with an increase in applications to prove it. Should hunters boycott states that are pro gun control? Find out more this week.

Habitat Conservation vs Access

Access to backcountry roadless areas has been a hotly contested issue for years. Many would like to see backcountry areas opened up to roads for more to enjoy but others contend that limited access provides unfragmented habitat for big game, clean water for trout and places where sportsmen can escape crowds. What is the ideal outcome for all? More this week.


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